Manufacturing Solutions

SPEDE Automated Line-side Solutions control and standardize business processes to ensure consistent error-free results at every step, every shift, every day. Our solutions network PLCs, weigh scales, vision sensors and USB cameras to streamline and human-proof processes, create traceability, and give you 20/20 vision into your operations. You can choose the functionality you need on a per-line or per-site basis, and add more at any time. 

Production QC


Automated functions include Part Serialization, Verification, Counting, Production Reporting, Scrap, Rework, Hold, Release and Inspection. Production run data can display on a touchscreen PC at line-side, and is sent to host systems.

PLC Interface


Interfacing to a production machine's PLC allows for reading the PLC's stored data, providing HMI synchron-ization for redundant part verification. The PLC controls parts counting and other lineside processes. Real-time production data displays at lineside.

Component Traceability


Component Traceability enables you to see all individual components that went into manufacturing an end item by linking the end part number to its serialized and non-serialized components, creating traceability from raw to finished part. 

Operations Traceability


Operations Traceability ensures that each part has gone through an operation successfully before it advances to the next operation. Real-time 20/20 visibility lets you see exactly what parts are in what operations now, and view traceability history.

Part Inspection


Vision sensors automate part inspection, providing validation that a given part or component is correct. They can trigger the conveyor to shunt a suspect part. Vision is also used for counting serialized and non-serialized parts for packing and labeling control.  

Line-side Labeling Control


The line-side labeling function automatically prints the correct label needed via input from a PLC, weigh scale, vision sensor and/or USB camera. Individual parts may require a serialized label, and containers of parts may require an internal or a customer label. 

Weigh Scale Interfaces


Weigh scales at the packaging line can be used to calculate if the correct number of parts are packed into the container. They can trigger a container label to print when the total count of parts, based on individual piece weight and allowance for tare weight, is correct. 

Packing to Releases / 862s


Your operators can view and monitor the real-time completion status of today's releases so they know which parts to build to meet today's schedules.  A red/ yellow/ green status code indicates whether more parts are needed, or if it's time for a changeover for the next part. 

Packing / Dunnage Control


For part verification and packaging, inexpensive USB cameras can determine if all parts have filled their segmented packaging slots in a layer of a shipping container. Optional video can provide proof that the container was packed according to customer requirements.

SPEDE 20/20 Platform / Interfaces


A SQL Server PC on your Wifi or wired network r  uns the SPEDE Apps to interface to production machine PLCs, Line-side PCs, Vision Sensors, weigh scales, conveyors, and your host ERP, EDI  and OEE systems.

WIP Container Tracking / Verification


 A small Bluetooth Beacon can be attached to WIP containers of parts to automatically record their movement. When container movement is detected, the Beacon transmits its ID to SPEDE and the SPEDE Locator App is updated.

Steel Coil Tracking / Verification


 A small Bluetooth Beacon can be attached to large singular items such as steel coils, to automatically record their movement. The Beacon wakes up and transmits its ID to SPEDE when coil movement is detected, and the SPEDE Locator App is updated.

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