Poka Yoke Solutions

Simplify Honda MPR Compliance

The Japanese term Poka Yoke means integrating a mechanism into a process to prevent an error from being made, such as the wrong part being packed into a container, or to detect an error in real-time and alert the operator so it can be corrected.

SPEDE Poka Yoke Solutions integrate various technologies into plant floor procedures to ensure the operator doesn't make a mistake when identifying parts or components, counting parts for a pack count, packing a dunnage layer, routing WIP through the correct sequence of operations, printing the correct container label, etc. 

A few examples of SPEDE Poka Yoke solutions include:

  • Using a PLC to control container labeling by supplying the part number, run data and piece count 
  • Using a PLC to control part counts at start and end of run and to control partial packs 
  • Using Vision Sensors to identify / validate parts or components
  • Using Vision to detect scrap; trigger defective parts to be diverted
  • Using Vision or OCR to read a 2D serial number or text data for traceability
  • Using Vision to control packing and labeling 
  • Using Weigh Scales to control piece counts / full pallet validation
  • Using Weigh Scales to trigger a container label when count or weight is correct
  • Using USB Cameras to ensure that a dunnage layer is packed correctly before the next layer begins

For more details, you can view and/or print the resources below.

Helpful Resources

Poka Yoke Solutions for Error-proof Packaging & Labeling (pdf)


SPEDE 2020 Platform Apps and Interfaces (pdf)