Production QC Functionality

Using Technology to Error-proof Your Processes

The SPEDE solutions are built on a PC served-based Software Platform and Apps that enable you to automate and error-proof many production area processes - from tracking Raw components and WIP operations through counting, packing, labeling and traceability of your finished parts. 

The SPEDE Platform controls a WiFi network of plant floor devices, including PLCs, scales, vision, touchscreens and more, creating a real-time, error-proofing information environment with 20/20 visibility of line-side operations. This integration of technology into business processes eliminates, or tightly controls manual procedures that cause errors, while increasing overall efficiency. SPEDE also interfaces to host ERP, RAS, EDI and OEE systems to get data and send updates. 

The SPEDE Apps provide the following functionality. You can begin with the functionality you need most, and add more at any time on a per-line or a per-site basis. 

  • Control Sequencing of WIP Operations 
  • Validate Tools / Components
  • Validate Parts for correctness, defects
  • Serialize Individual Parts
  • Automate Piece Counts
  • Display real-time Piece Counts, Label Status, Machine Data, etc. on Touchscreen PC 
  • Control Partials at End of Run / Shift
  • Control Packing of Containers and Layered Dunnage 
  • Automate Container Labeling
  • Export Label Data to EDI / Shipping Export Production Data to ERP / OEE Trace Serialized Parts by Part Number, Lot, Container, Line, Run Date, etc.
  • Trace Parts Forward to Customer; Back to Production/ Suppliers 
  • Create a History of Individual Parts including Rework
  • Confirm Processes / Accountability
  • Comply with Honda MPRs

Helpful Resources

View or print the documents below for more details...

Production Area QC - Leveraging Technology to Automate Processes and Improve Quality and Efficiency (pdf)


Production QC - Diagram of SPEDE Functionality (pdf)