SPEDE SQL Server & Host ERP Interface

Leveraging Technology to Increase Quality Control

SPEDE Automated Solutions include the SPEDE Apps, and the real-time PC served-based SPEDE Software Platform.  

The SPEDE Platform interfaces the Apps to your host ERP, EDI, RAS and OEE systems for two-way data exchange. It also controls the wide variety of data collection and other devices connected to the SPEDE WiFi network on the plant floor. These connected devices include: 

  • PLCs 
  • weigh scales 
  • vision sensors
  • touchscreen PCs 
  • conveyors/ diverters
  • 2D readers 
  • etchers 
  • OCR 
  • USB cameras 
  • handheld scanners
  • label printers

The SPEDE Apps provide the functionality that automates and controls production area processes - from tracking Raw components, to WIP operations traceability, to reporting production, to the counting, packing, labeling and traceability of finished parts. SPEDE Apps can be tailored to your specific data requirements and business processes. You can start with the functionality you need most, and add more at any time on a per-line or per-site basis. 

SPEDE maintains a detailed SQL database of every printed label (License Plate database) and every recorded transaction (Event database). You can use a Touchscreen PC at lineside or handheld device to do status inquiries, check inventory, get traceability records, view production machine efficiencies and more.

A SPEDE Automated Solution is a simple-to-use turnkey tool that provides real-time information and error-proofing in your operations from day one. 

How You Can Leverage Technology to Error-proof your Processes:

  • Use PLCs to control and trigger container labeling by supplying part number, run data and piece counts   
  • Use PLCs to count parts at Start and End of Run, and control partial packs 
  • Use Vision Sensors to identify / validate parts or components
  • Use Vision to detect scrap; trigger diverting of defective pieces 
  • Use Vision or OCR to read a 2D serial number or text on a part for inventory tracking and traceability
  • Use Weigh Scales to control piece counts / full pallet validation
  • Use Weigh Scales to trigger a container label when count or weight is correct
  • Use Vision to prevent errors in container packing and labeling
  • Use USB Cameras to ensure that a dunnage layer is packed correctly before the next layer can begin

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