Our Latest Technologies in Manufacturing

Vision-sensor Solutions


Our Automated Line-side solutions interface to vision sensors to inspect, validate and count parts, and control the conveyor to shunt incorrect parts, or parts that have missed operations or visible defects. Vision sensors can also count serialized parts for labeling, and to create backward / forward part traceability and more. 

USB Camera Solutions


Another way we automate part verification and prevent packing errors is to use inexpensive cameras to ensure that all segmented slots in a packaging layer of a shipping container have been filled, with the correct parts. Optional video can provide proof that the container was packed according to requirements, in case of customer inquiry.

BLE Beacon Solutions


The SPEDE Locator System for tracking WIP containers or steel coils uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon, which attaches to the coil or container. The Beacon wakes up and transmits its ID upon movement, allowing the container or coil to be verified for correctness. Its location will update automatically during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping operations without without data entry by the forklift operator. 

Bluetooth Beacons at WIP


For automatic verification and tracking of WIP containers or steel coils during movement, picking or putaway, a bluetooth beacon attached to the container or coil will identify itself to a SPEDE Locator System app on a tablet PC.

Touchscreen, Tablet PCs

A Touchsceen PC at line-side displays real-time production run data from the PLC for line-side label

Touchscreen PCs are usually deployed at the end of a production line to receive data from upstream PLCs and sensors on the production line. They display production data, verify parts and counts, print labels, report alerts and more. 

SQL Server, Host Interface


A SPEDE SQL Server on a LAN or WLAN contains the database of all plant-floor  interactions of a part with the sensors, and all its transactions for the ERP system.

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