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Our Solutions and Technologies

Manufacturing Solutions

Our automated solutions control and standardize line-side processes to ensure consistent error-free results every day, every shift, while giving you 20/20 vision into your line-side  operations.

Our solutions use a variety of tech- nologies to automate and verify processes for identifying, counting, packing, labeling, tracking and tracing parts - from raw component to end product. All recorded transactions are linked to the individual who performed them, providing easy auditability and traceability. 

Honda MPR Solutions

Many of our customers are Honda suppliers. Our solutions enable them to meet Honda MPRs (Minimum Process Requirements), improve

quality and efficiency, and get 20/20 visibility into line-side operations. 

Consistent with Poka Yoke methods, our Honda MPR solutions use PLCs, vision sensors, scales and other technologies to ensure all Honda parts and components are correctly identified, counted, packed, labeled, tracked and traced. Additional functions control rework, repack,  small lot and Honda batch. 

The Technologies We Use

We tailor our solutions to network the technologies you have such as PLCs and weigh scales, and new technol-ogies based on your business processes and data requirements.  

Technologies include our SPEDE server-side apps using Windows SQL Server; SPEDE apps on client devices such as handheld terminals; networked PCs; 2D barcode printers; PLC interfaces to read part data from production machines and control conveyors; vision sensors; weigh scales; USB cameras; and interfaces to host ERP, EDI systems.

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