PLC Interfaces for Parts Counting and Labeling

SPEDE PLC Interfaces include read/writes to:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Siemens

Protocols include:

  • Profinet
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Melsec
  • Mod Bus
  • FINS 

Key Advantages to Interfacing to PLCs: 

  1. Automated control of parts counting and container labeling processes
  2. HMI synchronization, enabling real-time part verification to ensure accuracy of container labeling
  3. SPEDE updates host ERP, RAS, OEE systems 

With an optional touchscreen PC installed at line-side, you can view real-time production and labeling status data including: 

  • Part number, description, optional photo of part
  • Good piece count
  • Scrap piece count 
  • Serialized part count
  • Pack count quantity
  • Status of labels printed
  • Machine cycle counts/times

The Touchscreen enables you to adjust pack counts to allow for scrap or end of run. It supports a scanner/ imager to record parts mark serial numbers. This production data is retained by SPEDE in an SQL database for inventory tracking and traceability. It updates host systems including ERP and OEE for analyzing  production efficiencies. 


For more details, you can download these resources now

7 Advantages of Using PLCs for Parts Counting and Labeling (pdf)


Diagram of SPEDE Automated Functionality (pdf)