Honda 2020 Lean Network Conference

Honda has invited SPEDE Technologies to exhibit its error-proof line-side solutions at the Honda 2020 Lean Conference in Covington, KY on May 12 and 13. Honda suppliers will see live demos of our USB camera and OCR packing solutions that provide accurate parts identification, validation, counting, packing and labeling.


USB Camera for Packing Control

This cost-effective solution not only prevents errors in packing multi-layered dunnage, but takes a "selfie" of each packed layer to prove that your finished parts were accurately packed in case of customer inquiry. 


Bluetooth Item Tracking

Bluetooth beacons identify that the correct container of WIP parts or steel coil is being moved. Eliminates searching for items, picking the wrong one, and manual data entry. Provides real-time location tracking  while saving time and money. 

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